The Northern Wastes

Harsh lands North of the Karplusan Mountains. The lands are burnt and barren, with little resources and hardly any protection from the sun, which shines dimly white behind gray skies. Most native creatures are nomadic, and heavy populations of orcs, goblins, and the hardest cut of men can be found. Land is more or less lawless, with law being upheld individually on tribal levels.

Varying forms of commerce and trade are also upheld on a tribal level, though communal sharing, raider cultures, and barter economies are all common. Many languages are spoken here, with dialects tending to be far cruder than those of more civilized regions. Uyr is incredibly dangerous. Native to all manner of wild orc and goblin, giants, outlawed men, thieves, dark wizards who come to practice without fear, and terrible beasts wrought with eternal hunger.

The plains of Uyr were home to the Alizzaszi elves, a nomadic and oft considered savage clan very different from their cousins in Elfhame, before their near extinction and forced diaspora at the hands of invaders. Those that remain can be found scattered throughout the rest of the realm, forced far South of the Karplusans or West of the Eindies.


The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok