Port-Au Nu Cleaste

Port city state on the banks of the Egyen, at the mouth of the Bay of the Sun’s Awakening. Ruled by a council of nine merchant guilds, Port-Au Nu Cleaste can be many things; beautiful, breath taking, a veritable paradise, however it is never safe. The markets are wrought with crime, and the economy is such that prices are different for every man with coin. That is, unless you belong to the merchants guilds, which are extremely corrupt.

Off the coasts of Port-Au Nu Cleaste are waters resident to a large region of merfolk, The Kingdom of the Coral Reef. This small monarchy of merfolk has in the decades past organized what were previously wilder deep water tribes, and formed a coalition that has been fighting the guilds of Port-Au Nu Cleaste for some time now, citing infringements upon Father Ocean in their declaration of war. The Ptolarian Academy, traditionally run by merfolk scholars in a lighthouse bridging the mouth of the Bay of the Sun’s Awakening only a short distance away from Port-Au Nu Cleaste’s outer docks, has as of recent been forced to lock it’s doors and commence their academics in private due to pressure felt from both sides of the conflict.

Coin of any manner is excepted in Port-Au Nu Cleaste, but if the guilds want they have their own ‘gil’ they can demand, a currency which is nearly impossible to come by and utterly worthless. The port tends to be a very diverse place, being the realms largest center of trade and commerce, with all manner of man, elf, and otherwise. While it is not unheard of to come across a powerful relic or genuinely magical trinket in the markets of Port-Au Nu Cleaste, one has to know what they are looking for, as the merchants and traders of the city are infamously dishonest.

The guilds don’t care about religion, and traditions of all denominations can be found.

Port-Au Nu Cleaste

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