Land of Eternal Rain

Kingdom of parliamentary rule, located Northeast of D’arshe across the River Nentir, Southeast of Lorowyn and the shores of the Great Lake. A ceremonial monarchy holds tremendous influence over the courts. A land of strict law and with lower crime than surrounding realms, Kieve looks down upon much of its neighbors, often sending members of their royal guard into surrounding nations to collect fugitives of Kieve, and as a result, breaking many territorial treaties. Maintains a large standing army, mostly a nation of man.

Kieve circulates it’s own Royal Coin, but bartering is generally accepted. While a tempered climate somewhat conducive to farming can be found on the Kingdom’s borders, perpetual rain falls on the capital and much of the surrounding countryside, and as such the kingdom’s land produces very little. They are, however, world renowned for their craftsmanship of weaponry.

Kieve believes in the religion of Yem-Mon Kor, Father of the Sun and their One True God. They maintain a strict discipline of archaic rules and traditions, with the church of Yem-Mon Kor holding much sway over both the High Council and the King.

The Kingdom is considered one of the safest and strictest in rule of law, but naturally, the usual common dangers still arise.


The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok