Karplusan Mountains

Mountain range North of D’arshe and Kieve. Runs the length of the Great Lake between the Western Shore and the shores of the Egyen, a large body of a water that borders the Eastern shores of the continent. Divides the lands of law in the South from Uyr and the northern wastelands. The mountains are home to a few tribes of minotaur, many different bands of goblins and all manner of orcs and their variants. A royal council of dwarves rule the mountains hollows, and wild men venture in these parts, as they are rich in furs and timber. A few races of men are native to the mountains, one tribe (the Balduvians) ruled over by a female enchantress and finding residence on the highest peaks. It is said that they have assembled a horn larger then many houses for times of war that stretches from the peak of the tallest mountain, and when it sounds all of the Karplusans shake. When the horn sounds, the six largest faction of the mountainsides go to war together, totaling a massive army and represented by the [[Balduvians], the Joston giants, the Anaba minotaur, the goblins of The Order of Uneven Land, the dwarven domain of Balia, and the city state of Aesthier.

The men of the Karplusan mountains are often at war with the guilds of farmers and hunters resident to the Karplusan flatlands, a region that lies in the shadows South of the mountains. The men of the flatlands view the Karplusan tribes as savages, while the men of the mountainside think the men of the flatlands responsible for mistreating the mountain ranges in hunting, mining, and logging expeditions.

The languages here vary from faction to faction, but all understand the common tongue as much of the economy in the mountains is rooted in trading and interacting with other tribes and races. Many dangerous creatures are known to roam the mountain cliffs, and hunters and trappers often end up prey to more lethal predators. The timber in much of the lower area of the mountains is extremely valuable, though it has led to rapid deforestation.

Not much is known about the religion of these parts, as most inhabitants of the Karplusans keep to themselves, with Balia and Aesthier being notoriously hostile to outsiders.

Karplusan Mountains

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