The Hall of Leaves

Elven domain East of Kieve, across the Great Lake, a body of water so large from any shore one might say he was viewing an ocean. Country of dense forest regions and clear, powerful rivers. There is much magic native to these lands. Ruled by an established monarchy of noble elven blood, the rulers are known as the Ruadach of Elfhame, currently one Aedhan Revane, and the region maintains a society oversaturated with aristocrats and gentility. The small lower class that exists lives in the shadows of the kingdom, surviving in squalor for the wealth of their homeland. Trade and travel routes across the great lake are maintained by the Elfhame Royal Guard.

The domain is divided into five separate regions, or realms, known individually as Fynhorn, Trys, Luzc’elam, Farywin, and Lorowyn. The elves here speak in the Celestian dialect of elven, widely considered more elegant and elevated then the cruder variation spoken by the Alizzaszi. While the Kingdom is almost completely self sustaining, living off of and constantly cultivating the forests that contain them, the elves of the Elfhame produce little in the way of exports, as hunting for trade is against Kingdom law and contact with outsiders is somewhat rare. The timber of the region is incredibly valuable, but if an outsider were to cut a tree down there it would be considered a declaration of war against the forest.

The Elfhame practices a much preserved and ancient elven tradition, with many of their temples built around runes that haven’t moved for thousands of years. Believing in a supreme connection with the forest, holding it above all else as that which gives them life, shelter, and sustenance. For this reason, the kingdom of the Elfhame will protect the forest without reservation and with the full force of their Royal Guard behind them. Much of their religion blurs the line between spiritual ritual, prayer, and magic.

While the region of the Elfhame is well patrolled by the Elfhame Royal Guard, with impressive attention given to securing the forest’s border, the elves here live in harmony with much of the natural wildlife, and so some very dangerous predators can be found roaming the the woods of these elven lands.


The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok