Dark Ruler of the Fallen City State of Amiqat


Height: 6’1"
Weight: 170 lbs.


Dark Lord

Rose to ascension in the city state of Amiqat during a six year campaign between the 75th and 81st years of the Ninth Age. Especially proficient in dark magic, Serlahk is an Archmage who draws power from the suffering of physical pain. As such, he wears braces outfitted to keep his body in a constant state of torment, and often tortures lesser beings, drawing strength from their suffering. In the 81st year he finally succeeded in expelling the Amiqat ruling class, sending most of the city fleeing the Fallen City, with those who opted to stay remaining in the slavery or service of the Amiqat’s new ruler, depending of the use he had for them.

Though he would eventually gain great fame for deeds of terrible cruelty and a rule characterized by general despair, Serlahk’s beginnings were far from telling of them man he’d become. Born to Amiqat‘s lower class, Serlahk was the son of a whore and would often have to accompany her while she accompanied clients. He developed a deep inwardly focused disgust for mankind and the depraved lifestyles he saw around him, often resorting to forms of self inflicted pain as ways to express his anger. His self punishment led to the discovery of his inclinations towards the magical arts, as it was after cutting himself across the chest one night that he first tapped into the dark channels he would later master. Pursuing his arcane studies in secret, Serlahk would develop a hatred for the Amiqat upper class that he pursued with startling efficiency. Infiltrating the royal family and becoming Vizier to the Royal Chancellor at age 23. He used his magical talents, which he had developed rapidly in the short years since he discovered them, to spread deceit and mistrust in Amiqat’s courts, and evetually unleashing a terrible plague on the city’s populace. His secret campaign started in the 75th year, and in the 80th year he made his move for power, expelling the city’s governing body and much of the residents within a few months.

Having won his throne over the city he hated, the newly crowned Dark Lord of Amiqat brooded, building power and an army of followers ready to give actuate his terrible ambitions.


The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok