Rofellos of Trys

Conscript in the Elfhame militia


Height: 6’0"
Weight: 155 lbs.


Rofellos is an elf of humble beginnings, born to poverty in the Elfhame realm of Trys. Skilled in archery and stealth, Rofellos became a trailguard of some renown, eventually earning much fame for his service in the Elfhame Liberation Front during the revolution against Nissa, 93rd year of the Ninth Age. As a guerilla militia leader, Rofellos was responsible for sneaking Eowyn Revane and Rhirhok Badshadow into Nissa‘s treetop keep in Trys, and showing them proof of her betrayal in the form of Aedhan’s poisoned and heavily guarded body. He would go on to take part in the three day charge on Luzc’elam, suffering an arrow wound to the chest but ultimately surviving to tell the story.

A deep and indulgent love for music and spirits shared with Rhirhok Badshadow saw the two develop a lifelong friendship following their introduction during the Elfhame Civil War of the 93rd Year. Rhirhok, as Steward of Trys, would appoint Rofellos his Minister of the “Inferior”, a title they often laughed about, and when Rhirhok would depart on a self-commissioned expedition, Rofellos would accompany him under the official title of Royal Escort. The expedition, officially styled the Aedhan Expedition, started as little more than a reason to leave what had become a static existence, but quickly became an adventure with implications so far reaching it would see the two cross the breadth of the continent, encompass three other separately commissioned expeditions, and establish them as either heroes of the realm or wanted men in 8 separate dominions.

Rofellos of Trys

The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok