Rhirhok Badshadow

One of the last surviving members of the Alizzaszi elves


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Rhirhok has spent his life under the sun, and his skin is a rough scorched brown. His hair is often worn in a wild dress traditional to warriors of his tribe, though is sometimes pulled back to avoid attracting attention. He has a face of strong, sharp angles. Dark eyes. Many scars. Like most Alizzaszi, he is short in comparison to elves of the more forested variety. The wound that has rendered his left arm deformed makes it appear as though his shoulder has been permanently ripped from its socket, with a hideous scar carving out the area where it should be. In the hollow that was left, the soft vibrations of his heartbeat can be seen. As a result, in combat his left hand strikes from deceptively wide angles, and more than a few have met their death at the awkward placement of these left handed knife thrusts.


Son of the Slain

Rhirhok was born of the Alizzaszi Tribe, a nomadic clan of elves native to the plains of Uyr. Raised in the realm’s harsh conditions, raiding became a common practice natural to Alizzaszi culture, so much so that Rhirhok’s mother was a human, taken as a child from a caravan of traveling merchants. After spending much of her life under the care of the Alizzaszi, she eventually became fully acculturated as a member of their tribe, seeing no problem with the raiding that had cost her family their lives.

When Rhirhok was young a small kingdom came upon the plains, in flight of a plague that had swept their homeland. They brought the plague with them, and were hostile to the Alizzaszi elves, making war against them for control of their land. Rhirhok’s father, leader of a raiding team, led an attack against the first invading forces, and was among the first to die. Eventually forced out of the plains when Rhirhok was a young man, he grew up among the dying days of his people.

The near decade long decline of the Alizzaszi elves was altogether the most profoundly influential and painful part of Rhirhok’s development. More literally painful was his first raid against their invaders as a teenager and budding warrior, when Rhirhok was ridden through by a horseman’s spear, tearing a gaping hole between his left shoulder and lung. He spent three days on what was thought to be his deathbed, fighting fever and infection, and while functionally the wound has since healed, the spot of the scar remains a caved in hollow. The muscles have pulled tight around the absense of bone, and his left arm works as it once did despite the socket having been pushed considerably farther away from his neck than its counterpart.

Rhirhok’s mother is alive, though only in body. A hard life has left her a hard woman, and now, among the last survivors of her tribe, she spends her days as a faint impression of the past. Rhirhok suffers from displacement, as does she, and would like to find a place in this world where they can feel at home. Though he thinks little of the future, as it was never a thing promised to him as a child, he wants to care for his mother and find her a place to call home. It pains him deeply to see what she has become. He would like to live a quiet life someday, but the shadows of his past have left him a vengeful and restless young man.

Rhirhok’s greatest fear is and always has been losing the will to keep on with life. The fatalism he witnessed during the decline of his people left him scarred; the look in a man’s eye that said there would be no tomarrow. No hope. He disagreed with such attitudes, but above all, he feared them.

Rhirhok, despite the struggles of his upbringing, is a lover of merry music and wine, fulfilling something of the elven stereotype. The cobblestone markets and smokey taverns he found in Tallenvale when Rhirhok and his mother first fled the plains enchanted him, and the beach side bars of The Golden Isles have found him a regular.

Naturally, he holds great disdain for the invading people who drove his Tribe to ruin, although he has promised himself he would leave such feelings on the plain of Uyr. More unreasonably, he hates the concept of buy and sell, or any free market practice really, having been brought up in a raiding economy where taking what you needed was encouraged. He doesn’t mind bartering, though he generally believes merchants and vendors are not to be trusted.

While traveling through the city state of Kieve as a young adult, Rhirhok stole a jeweled shield from the wall of their king’s palace and sold it off on the coast. He spent three months drinking expensive spirits in a flat he had bought, enjoying the company of exotic Parusian dancers before the city state’s royal guard caught up with him. The events to follow would see him coupled with Eowyn Revane, an elven princess of the Elfhame, and ultimately caught up in an Elfhame revolution against Eowyn’s older sister Nissa, an arcane spellcaster of a dark discipline. Nissa had usurped the throne from her father, and plunged the Elfhame into a state of darkness and corruption, the long campaign against her culminating in a three day charge against the elven capital of Luzc’elam. Here Rhirhok would engage and ultimately defeat the High General of The Order of the Gilt-Leaf, Nath, who served as Nissa‘s military leader. This marked the beginning of a lifelong rivalry between the two. With Aedhan returned as the rightful ruler of the Elfhame, Nissa and Nath were banished with their followers to the leafless trees of Wirewood, a dark forest region Northwest from Trys across the River Fjorn. Rhirhok on the other hand was celebrated as a hero of the realm, being appointed Steward of Trys in the wake of Nissa’s exile. After a nine month tutelage of Trys, during which Rhirhok saw the disparity between the wealthy and the impoverished nearly eliminated in many of the realm’s areas, Rhirhok would leave the Elfhame, fleeing under cover of night on a three year expedition he commissioned himself as an appointed magistrate of the kingdom. Telling Eowyn nothing of his departure, people were made to believe he was simply remaining in solitary study for some weeks into his absence, as he left his most trusted adviser in charge of the realm and told him nothing further of his plans save not to divulge them to others. Accompanied only by Rofellos of Trys, a conscript in the Elfhame militia who quickly became Rhirhok’s most trusted companion, the two crossed the Great Lake in secret and rode South across the River Nentir, embarking on a journey that would span continents and take years before seeing them returned to the trees of the Elfhame, having achieved considerable renown and fame along the way.

Rhirhok is a natural raider, swift and silent, able to navigate within an enemy presence effectively, and extremely aggressive in close quarters combat. He is very talented with a dagger as well as startlingly lethal with even smaller knives, and is good enough with a short blade. Feels clumsy with heavier weapons, and looks it too. Is an okay shot with a bow and arrow, though it has never been his strength.

Rhirhok Badshadow

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