Assassain in the service of House Dimir


Height: 6’3"
Weight: 165 lbs.


Obzedat is an orphan born to the impoverished Al Adriz district of Port-Au Nu Cleaste. When he was a baby he was left for dead in a basket set afloat on the city’s underbelly, a maze of channels and canals that serves as both Port-Au Nu Cleaste‘s sewage system as well as the network of travel for the city’s poor. He was fished out by a Taskmage to the secretive tenth merchants guild of the city, House Dimir.

Taken in as an infant, Obzedat was raised under the tutelage of the shadow guild, who preferred to take children from the darkest recesses of society, using those unlikely upstarts as the clay with which they molded the guilds’ deadly assassin class, a group feared the world over. Such a process spoke toward the guilds’ creed and motto, “Out of Dust Comes the Will to Shape the Earth”. The origins of House Dimir were humble, and despite their profound ambitions and extremely covert operations they preferred their membership their humble beginnings.

Trained since childhood in the arts of stealth, deception, and silent death, Obzedat set himself apart from other children in the care of House Dimir. By age 12, he completed his first assignment, killing an exotic prince from regions far to the South who was visiting Port-Au Nu Cleaste in pursuits of the academic variety. It was reported by callers city wide that the Prince cut open his own throat, depressed by prolonged estrangement from home. In fact, Obzedat had been laying the foundation for this story for over a year, inspiring strange behavior in the Prince and sewing rumors of depression from within the Prince’s guard. When a steady hand and tactful placement opened the boy’s veins and left his own hand holding the razor, it only confirmed what the Prince’s escort had long suspected. The “suicide” was not given a second thought. The deceptive techniques were exactly what House Dimir expected from their best, and Obzedat rose quickly through their ranks.

As a young adult Obzedat was assigned to trail the party of Rhirhok Badshadow, which at the time includeded Rofellos of Trys, Eeshak Ni’hamada, Q’hattib of Vis-Ju, Ib Halfheart, and Surikala of the Seafarers’ Quay. After infiltrating the party and learning of their intentions, Obzedat went on to conscript in the the 2nd Aseria Expedition, with the intention of preventing their success. However, over the course of which he developed a deep trust for and fondness of the members of the expedition, a bond that would ultimately compromise his duties to the guild. While he remained faithful to House Dimir and the far reaching ambitions they pursued, he would ultimately come to hold the lives’ of his companions above the responsibilities he held to the House, taking liberties to protect his companions and put them before the guilds’ interests.


The Exodus of Uyr Rhirhok