Nissa Revane

Dark Lady of Wirewood


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 125 lbs.


Spellcaster, enchantress

Nissa Revane is first born daughter to Aedhan Revane, and the first in line for the Ruadach’s throne. Born a natural spellcaster, Nissa was always in tune with the currents of magic that sweep through the Elfhame, and was appointed apprentice to the Royal Archmage Macha at a young age. It was clear to Macha early on that she was inclined towards the darker aspects of magical practice, and he tried to hinder her development as a result. When she read one day in his private notes that he did not think it safe to teach her too much, she was enraged, and in a fit of rage unleashed a storm of magic that killed Macha instantly. This was the beginning of her fall from grace.

After experiencing the potential of the malicious energy she could martial, Nissa began crossing the River Fjorn and making ventures into the dark realm of Wirewood, tapping into the dark spirits and twisted forces native to those trees. She grew corrupted by the magic there, and ultimately corrupted the High General of the Elfhame’s most celebrated order of knight, Nath of the Order of the Gilt-leaf. Seduced by her dark enchantments and startling beauty Nath would use his high position in the court to help ensure her rise to power, standing at her right side when she made her move for the throne.

It was in the 91st year of the Ninth Age that she made this move, rendering her father incapacitated and waging a shadow war against her own forces in Trys, spreading fear of a foreign invasion throughout the elven kingdom. Taking the throne as an appointment of the Royal Council, “only due to the necessity of the situation”, over the next year Nissa Revane would shape kingdom law and twist the hearts and minds of the people, enjoying a two year reign as the Lady of the Leaves before the return of her younger sister Eowyn Revane, who’d been gone on travels for some time. Eowyn would lead an insurrection against the unjust rule of her older sister, ultimately expelling Nissa from the kingdom and banishing her permanently to the dark realm of Wirewood.

However, it was unknown to all but her that Wirewood was the place she orginnally crafted her dark arts, and from the depths of the dying forest, her power continues to grow.

Nissa Revane

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