Eowyn Revane

Elfhame Royalty


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 120 lbs.


Stewardess of Fynhorn

Eowyn is an elven princess, the daughter of Aedhan Revane and the second in line for the Ruadach’s throne behind her older sister Nissa. Presiding over the Southwestern realm of the Elfhame known as Fynhorn, Eowyn grew up in the royal courts of Luzc’elam and experienced a cultured, sheltered upbringing. Always feeling a disgust and guilt at the disparity between the Elfhame‘s aristocracy and the lower class living below, when Eowyn came of age she ventured out of the Elfhame, taking leave with one discreet member of the Royal Guard’s Elite and traveling for some years.

Her travels would see her cross paths with one Rhirhok Badshadow, Son of the Slain, shortly after his flight from Uyr over the Karplusan mountains. Having recently stolen property of the King of Kieve, a jeweled shield of considerable value, The two of them were accosted by the Kieve soldiers and returned tot he capital city. Rhirhok was facing death when Eowyn displayed the royal signet of Elfhame royalty, bargaining for his life as an equal of the King.

After developing a small romance between themselves, the two returned to the Elfhame where Eowyn, sympathetic to Rhirhok as a displaced survivor of a tribe without a home, was excited to show him hers as a place where he could carve out a peaceful existence with his own kind. However, upon reaching the Elfhame, the two found a country in strife. Aedhan Revane, 139th Ruadach of the Elfhame realm, had been ill for some months and Nissa had taken the throne. Rumors abounded that Nissa had poisoned her father for the very purpose of usurping the throne, and people who were seen as adhering to political dissent were either demoted, killed, or disappeared depending on their rank and status. A revolution in the trees of Fynhorn, and Eowyn, guilty for having left her realm in a time of need, went with Rhirhok to meet the revolutions leaders. They were encouraged to travel to Trys, her sister’s tree top keep, where they would find proof of her betrayal, and there they found Aedhan, indeed poisoned and guarded by Nissa‘s men. It was then that they conscripted into the revolution, Eowyn using her status to garner public support throughout the Elfhame and ultimately leading the charge on Luzc’elam. In three day battle the guerilla forces ultimately dethroned Nissa, with Rhirhok Badshadow defeating her General Nath in one on one combat. Nissa and Nath were ultimately banished to the leafless forests of Wirewood, a dark region Northwest of Trys across the River Fjorn. Eowyn became henceforth beloved throughout the realm, being named 1st in line for the throne and taking a more active role in the politics of the court. Rhirhok was celebrated as a national hero, and was appointed Steward of Trys in the wake of Nissa’s exile.

Eowyn Revane

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