Eeshak Ni'hamada

en-Kor relic hunter native to the cliffs of Amwa. Offers services as a cliff guard.


Height: 5’6"
Weight: 125 lbs.


Eeshak is of the en-Kor peoples native to the vertical cliffside settlements of Amwa, characterized by their uniformly white skin and hair and known for their innovative proficiency as survivalists. The en-Kor are nomads with peace being generally upheld between tribes and clans, and Eeshak while naturally proficient as a hunter grew up naive to the practices of malicious battle. He made his keep as a cliff guard, escorting travelers through Amwa’s treacherous heights.

A Kor of below average size and build, Eeshak was lithe but stockier then most of his kind. His hair was long and straight over his shoulders with a long straight beard stretching off his chin. His face is short and wide, with sullen cheeks and thin, wide eyes. Extremely proficient with the grappling hook and Skyhook, an en-Kor weapon used to snare aerial prey, Eeshak would go on to become a warrior considerable skill during adventures and travels in later years.

Born with a natural inclination towards risk and adventure, Eeshak signed on to escort an expedition into an extremely dangerous and hard to reach ruin located in a cliff over hang feet from the rapid waters of a narrow canyon bottom. Eeshak was told they were after the remains of a mapping expedition lost hundreds of years ago whose only survivor told of an amazing stockpile of jewels and bounty lost in these parts, but when Eeshak located the inner chamber of the ruin and opened it for his employers he was struck from behind and left for dead. He would have died too, but a strong magic lived in that sanctum, and his wounds were set right by the energy they received, though he did nearly starve to death in the week it took his broken neck to mend.

Eeshak tracked the party that had hired him to the jungles of Vis-Ju, eventually discovering them as Taskmages of House Aseria, one of the nine ruling guilds of Port-Au Nu Cleaste. Thinking himself a pawn in a scheme too large to stand against, he returned to Amwa, but was always shaken by the little he’d learned, a curiosity cultivated that would eventually lead him back to that port city on an undertaking that would help shape the future of the continent.

Eeshak Ni'hamada

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